Project Manager MRO Seneca

Company Name:
Corning is the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics, creating and manufacturing keystone components that enable high-technology systems.
Corning's history is filled with breakthrough technologies that have played an important role in the way the world works. We thrive on solving difficult, commercially relevant problems through an innovative and collaborative research and development process. Corning succeeds through sustained investment in R&D;, more than 160 years of materials science and process engineering knowledge, and a distinctive collaborative culture.
The Global Supply Management (GSM) Function is recognized as a critical function for business success. It delivers the training, tools and opportunities needed to create innovative solutions for the function & the corporation. GSM has leading edge, effective processes to anticipate and exceed customer requirements.
Scope of Position:
This role will provide over site to the MRO work stream project Seneca. Individual will be responsible to develop and deploy transformational initiatives to meet and or exceed MRO Project Seneca objectives.
Defines, developes and manages overall project scope, objectives, timeline, milestones, risk assessments, financial management and projections, communication and change management plans to meet customer needs. Develop policies, processes and expertise to meet business objectives.
Day to Day Responsibilities:
Supervises and effectively manages multiple and broad ranges of projects to meet business and corporate goals and objectives.
Develops an overall project plan that includes: scope, objectives, charter, timeline and milestones, risk assessment, financial projections, performance measures, and communication and change management plans.
Effectively leads teams to meet project deliverables.
Obtains and manages project resources, including external consultants.
Conducts qualitative and quantitative analyses using appropriate tools and techniques to understand severity of potential risks.
Examines project uncertainties that may impact the success of the project, identifying and analyzing the significant risks and recommending proactive work arounds or mitigation strategies.
Escalates decisions and unresolved issues to appropriate parties.
Owns a project until a receiver is identified and trained.
Communicates project goals, objectives, key status information and overall impact of the project effectively with project team members, customers and key stakeholders.
Partners with Strategic Sourcing resources to negotiate, develop and manage contracts, as required.
Leverages third party resources to achieve effective solutions utilizing SRM processes.
Supervises direct reports, as required.
Champions and advocates for the Global Buying Policy. Ensures compliance.
Performance Metrics:
Delivery to project schedule, budget and deliverables
Shared Objectives Score %
Global Objectives Performance
SLA: Degree of customer satisfaction (cost/quality/service/effectiveness/efficiency/value)
Project Team Feedback - documented positive project team feedback as a measure of meeting project team development requirements. Meaqsures to include coaching and counseling, leardership, recognition, etc.
Project and / or Business Portfolio metrics (% completion, Financials per AR, schedule, Quality, Performance, $$ delivered, ROI, etc.)
Travel Requirements: Travel as needed
Hours of work/work schedule/flex-time: 40+ hours as needed (Monday - Friday)
Job Title: Project Manager MRO Seneca
Reference Number: 176767
Required Education: Bachelor's degree
_Required Years and Area of Experience:_
7 Years
Experience in manufacturing, operations, planning, engineering, supply chain, supply management, or procurement
Experience working in a matrix environment or on a cross-functional team
Certified Green Belt
Previous project management experience
Experience across multiple businesses, division and / or technologies
Experience with global manufacturing and business through work and / or project experience
Certified Black Belt
Experience with global business knowledge
Change Management training / experience
Competencies (knowledge, skills and behaviors):
Comfort Around Higher Management
Can deal comfortably with more senior managers
Can present to more senior managers without undue tension and nervousness
Understands how senior managers think and work
Can determine the best way to get things done with them by talking their language and responding to their needs
Can craft approaches likely to be seen as appropriate and positive
Conflict Management
Steps up to conflicts, seeing them as opportunities
Read's situations quickly
Good at focused listening
Can hammer out tough agreements and settle disputes equitably
Can find common ground and get cooperation with minimum noise
Cross-Cultural Resourcefulness
Gets things done across varied and different international contitions
Can make do without having everything they need
Is a skilled negotiator
Operates effectively under ambiguous, uncertain conditions
Motivates Others
Creates a climate in which people want to do their best
Can motivate many kinds of direct reports and team or project members
Problem Solving
Uses rigorous logic and methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions
Probes all fruitful sources for answers
Can see hidden problems
Function / Technical
Intermediate Project Management Skills and Practices
Organizes and manages large and / or complex projects to ensure efficient use of resources and effectively deliver results that meet or exceed expectations
Is able to prioritize and coordinate multiple priorities simultaneously
Demonstrates a working knowledge of processes and tools for managing all phases of a project - initiation, planning, implementation and control, and close-out
Identifies and quantifies project risks. Implements solutions to alleviate or reduce risks to acceptable levels
Recommends total plan contingencies and alternatives to achieve project (technical and economic) objectives for their fidscipline
Identifies issues requiring new technologies or project delivery methods
Performance Excellence
Promotes organizational effectiveness through innovations and improvements in manufacturing and business processes using defined processes and tools
Champions performance improvement teams
Builds measurements and feedback into the design of a system or process
Focuses on the customers' perception of quality
Supplier Relationship Management
Manages suppliers to effectively shorten lead times and improve fill rates
Aligns and leverages uppliers' capabilities with Corning's needs
Develops effective reward and recognition system for critical key suppliers
Sets continuous and effective improvement goals / metrics for / with suppliers both financial and operational in nature
Continually evaluates key suppliers' abilitities to meet Corning's short / long term needs while adding greater value and competitive advantage
Total Cost of Ownership
Capable of developing a should cost price structure
Proactively forecasts future costs of products and services over short and long periods to time and communicates results with appropriate parties (Finance, Manufacturing, Sales, etc.)
Considers solft costs or hidden cost drivers (overhead) along with the cost impact on up / downstream processes or operations
Communicate and Engage
Demonstrate Drive and Commitment
Insure and Motivate

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